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Manuals, Maintenance & Modifications

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am hosting the information on these pages in hopes that others might find it useful.  It is solely my opinion on things and how to maintain/modify a K bike. I am not a trained motorcycle mechanic nor do I claim to be a "guru" nor expert on these bikes, merely a somewhat experienced "shade-tree mechanic." In fact, the only claim to fame I will ever make with respect to K bikes is that I have probably broken and messed up more things K than anybody else on the planet. As the saying goes, experience teaches us things that we never wanted to learn in the first place. I do not warrant that any of the information here is correct or the "right" way to do things. Therefore, any information you use from these pages is AT YOUR OWN RISK and I assume no responsibility whatsoever for any physical, property, emotional or other damages you may incur from use of the information contained herein.

AUGUST, 2017: I put much of this information together several years ago so some of it may be out of date. (Like info on tires and some products I refer to may no longer be available for sale.)




Manuals, Maintenance & Mods
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Manuals, Maintenance & Mods Categories

Maintenance & Operation
Rider (Owner) Manuals
Shop Manuals
Example K Bike Rehab
Instruments & Controls
Fuel System
Drive Train
Maintenance & Operation
K Bike General Maintenance (PDF)
K Bike Checklist (PDF)
K Bike Motor Oils
General Maintenance Parts #s
BMW Maintenance Schedule for All Ks
Operating Tips for a K75 or K100(2V) (PDF)
Operating Tips for a K100RS4V/K1/K1100 (PDF)
Optimize Riding Comfort (Handlebars and Controls)
K75/K100(2V) Torque Specs (PDF)
K100RS4V/K1/K1100 Torque Specs (PDF)
K100 Troubleshooting - from K100 Forum (PDF)   Link to K100 Forum
Jacking Up The Front End Of A K Bike
Remove/Install K75/K100 Front Wheel (JPG)
System/Side/Pannier Case Mounting & Removal

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Rider (Owner) Manuals
K1 & K100RS4V
K75/K100 ABS Manual
BMW AM/FM Cassette Radio Manual

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Shop Manuals
K75 & K100
K1 & K100RS4V

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General Maintenance
Battery Charger & Power Outlets
Power Plugs
Aftermarket K Bike Shocks

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Example K Bike Rehab
1995 K75-ABS Rehab
Instruments & Controls
K75/K100: Improve Throttle Return
K75/K100: Enable Choke Indicator
Instrument Cluster
K100 K75 K1 K1100 Instrument Cluster Pinouts (PDF)
K75/K100 Altitude Switch With Indicator Lamp (PDF)
Change Odometer Mileage
Flaky Speedometer
Replace Trip Odometer
Adjust Low Fuel Level Lamp
Replace Odometer Gears
Motorcycle GPS for $25
Install Electronic Cruise Control On A K Bike (Revised 2021)
Install CCS-100 Vacuum On A K Bike
Remove/Replace Speedo & Tach Faceplates
Aftermarket Heated Grips With OEM Switch (Revised 2021)
Variable Heated Grips
K1100LT Windscreen Switch Rehab
K Bike Dash Switch Rehab
Dash Switch Part Numbers (PDF)
LED Backlit Dash Switches
Replace K Bike Digital LCD Clock
Gear Position Indicator (GPI)
Emulate GPI Switch Start In Neutral
Speedometer Calibration
Fix Bad Cluster Backlighting
Adding Fuel & Temp Gauges
Aftermarket VDO Fuel & Temp Gauges
Hazard Flashers
Inexpensive "On Demand" Digital LED Voltmeter
Start/Kill Switch Rehab or Replace

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Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
K Bike Power Curves
Bypass Side Stand Switch (K1, K100RS4V, K1100)
Runs Rough When Warm (K1, K100RS4V, K1100 ignition amp)
Smoky Starts
Adjust Choke Cable
Mystery Hose In Engine Compartment
Remove K75/K100 Mass Airflow Sensor
K75/K100 Crank Case Breather Hose (CCB)
4V Valve Check/Adjust Notes
Notes from K1100LT Water/Oil Pump Repair
DIY Fuel Injector Cover

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Fuel System
Ethanol In K Bikes
Replace Fuel Filter
Throttle Body Sync
Diagnose Throttle Body Air Leaks
Fuel Injectors
K&N Air Filter
K75/K100: Air Filter, Mass Airflow Sensor, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Temp Sensor
Replace Fuel Level Sender Connector
1985 & Earlier Fuel Level Sender
1986 & Later Fuel Level Sender
K Bike Fuel Pumps
Aftermarket Fuel Pump Parts
Replace Intake Manifolds
Air Accumulator (a.k.a. "The Cup")
K1100 Throttle Bodies On A K75

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Drive Train

Improve Gear Shifting
Clutch Spline Lube
Clutch Spline Lube Amount & Product
Clutch Work w/o BMW Special Tools
4V Drive Shaft Failure
K100RS4V, K1, K1100 Drive Shaft Phasing
Convert Monolever Rear End To Paralever
Adjust K Bike Clutch
Remove Clutch Arm Pivot Rod
Rebuild Paralever Final Drive Bearings

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LED H4 Headlight Bulb  - LED & others "Shootout"
LED Turn, Brake and Tail Lights
Awesome $6 LED Rear Lighting Enhancement V2.0
Awesome $6 LED Rear Lighting Enhancement
Replace/Adjust Headlight Bulb  - RS/RT/LT & K1
Fork Mounted LED Aux Lights
Headlight Relays
LED Parking Lights/Turn Signals V2.0
License Plate LEDs
DIY LED Flasher Relay
LEDs w/ OEM Flasher Relay
Bulb Monitor Unit (BMU)
LED Backlit Reflectors
Easy Inexpensive LED Taillight Upgrade
Strobing Brake/Tail Lights
K75/K100 Naked Headlight
Replace A Fuel Or Temp Gauge Bulb

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Relay Box Layouts
Wiring Diagrams
K100RS4V, K1, K1100 Ignition Switch and Fork Lock
Clean K755/K100 Ignition Switch
K100 K75 K1 K1100 Instrument Cluster Pinouts (PDF)
Left Combination/Headlight/Windscreen Switch
Right Combination Switch & Start Button
Auxiliary Fuse Block
Radiator Fan Testing
Hall Effect Sensor (HES) Diagnosis & Installation
Radiator Fan Replacement/Repair
Waterproof Micro Relays
Make Turn Signals Double As Brake Lights
Add A Fuse To The OEM Fuse Block
Wire Gauge
12V Power To Tank Bag
Soldering 101
Powerlet LED Voltmeter

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"De-Mush" Handlebar Mounts
K75 Fork Oil Quantities
K75: Upgrade Springs - Showa Forks

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ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
Improve Front Braking - K75/K100
Replace ABS Brake Lines
Remove Rear Brake Rotor
Adjust Rear Brake
Leaky Brake Master Cylinder

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Body & Luggage

About BMW Paint Color Schemes & Codes
BMW Paint Color Schemes & Codes
How To Trailer A K Bike
K75, K100 & K1100 Luggage - Side Cases
Remove/Install Side Case Locks/Latches
DIY Better System Case Hinges
City Cases
Custom Stainless Steel Radiator Grille
Remove Tail Cowl - Install Tail Rack
Rear Luggage Reynolds Rack 240 & 241
Givi Aftermarket Tail Rack
K100RT K100LT K75RT K1100LT Mirror Glass Replacement
Install Front Foot Peg
K75S Fairing (PDF)
Corbin Seats
Simplified Rear Seat Hinge Pin
K1100LT/K75RT Electric Windscreen
RT/LT Fairings
Fitting a "New" Seat/Seat Alignment
K75 "T" Model
RT/LT Anti-theft Radio Removal & Code
K75/K100 Low to Regular Seat Conversion
K75/K100 Regular to Low Seat Conversion

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Inexpensive Riding Movies (K100RS/K1100RS)
OEM K Bike Tool Kit
System/City Case Latches
"Rekeying" K Bike Locks
My Favorite Multimeter
Interesting/Useful Tools
Digital Media Head Unit w/ Marine Remote (RT/LT Models)

S/Camera Mount (K1100LT or 94/95 K75RT)


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