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Replace ABS Brake Lines


IMPORTANT: After doing any brake work remember that your first ride is ALWAYS A TEST RIDE to ensure that your brakes are working properly.


Sources for K Bike Stainless Steel Brake Lines:

Both Galfer and Spiegler make SS brake line kits for K bikes that are available from various sources.

Motobins in The UK also sells SS lines (a.k.a. brake "hoses") for K bikes. The only hitch is that they don't sell kits so you have to buy individual lines but that's easy to do on their website. They only sell SS lines with clear coating so if you want fancy colored lines then  you have to buy from a kit seller or have them custom made.

Motobins part and shipping prices are reasonable and shipping via Royal Mail to USPS usually only takes about a week to the US. For what it's worth, Motobins is my preferred vendor for brake lines.

Another option is to have SS brake lines custom made by a local shop or Internet vendor.


Short Version:

The front brake line from the ABS modulator travels upwards to the point near the steering head where the next brake line goes downwards to the splitter in the fork brace. When you replace the front brake lines air can get stuck in that “hump” near the steering head. (Because brake fluid weighs more than air.)

You need to give that air an upwards path to escape. When I replace front broke lines on an ABS K bike I take the splitter and calipers off and raise them so that air can escape when I am bleeding the brake system.

What I do is throw a rope over a garage rafter and tie each of the ends to a brake caliper so that the splitter is above the hump and the calipers are above the splitter.

This isn’t the best picture but here’s how I bled out the air when I replaced the lines on my K11000RS.


Long Version:

The link below is a detailed PDF write-up from 2012 when I installed Galfer brand front and rear brake lines on my 94 K1100RS. Much of it applies to replacing the lines on any ABS K bike so you may find it useful even if your bike isn't a K1100RS or your brake lines are made by someone other than Galfer.




© 2023 Drake Smith - Please do not use or reproduce this elsewhere.  Feel free to link to it though.