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K75/K100 Regular to Low Seat Conversion


Converting a K75 or K100 from a regular seat to a low seat is a bit more complicated than just swapping seats.  There are quite a few different parts necessary.

L-Jetronic Holder:

Since the low seat locking hardware mounts to the frame below the rider's seat you need to replace the "brain holder" and toolbox under the seat with one that does not have the built in toolbox like the one for the regular seat has. Part 61351459782. #9 in the diagram below:

Battery Covers:

You will no longer need the battery side covers.

Tank Surround:

For a BMW low seat you will also need what I refer to as a "rubber tank surround" (BMW name is Covering Fuel Tank) and several parts that attach it to the tank. (Note that Corbin low seat setups do not use these parts.)

BMW Low Seat

Corbin Low Seat

Only for BMW low seat, not Corbin low seat: For a BMW low seat with the tank surround that is colored purple above (part 16112308660), two of the side attaching pieces that are yellow in the diagram above(16112308481) and one of the center tank attaching pieces shown in red above (16112308173.)

Mounting Hardware & Lock:

Unlike the regular seat that folds up, the low seat lifts off and has different mounting hardware and a different lock. (The lock can be rekeyed to match your ignition key.)

Description   Q Part #
4. Washer A5,3-140 HV-ZNS 4 7119931029
4. Washer 10X5,3X1-200 HV 4 7119904206
4. Washer 5,3-140 HV-ZNS 4 7119936439
5. Rubber support D=18MM X 52531230319
5. Bump stop H=10 1 52531236128
6. Locking hook   2 52532308127
7. Fillister head screw M5X12-ZN 4 7119907627
8. Washer A5,3-140 HV-ZNS 8 7119931029
8. Washer 10X5,3X1-200 HV 8 7119904206
8. Washer 5,3-140 HV-ZNS 8 7119936439
9. Hex nut M5 4 7119922038
10. Lock   1 51252308117
11. Catch   1 51252308118
12. Spring   2 51252308112
13. Retainer spring   1 51252308121
14. Protective hose   2 51252308126
15. Clamping left   1 51252308123
16. Clamping right   1 51252308124
17. Fillister-head screw M5X10 4 12132322416
17. Fillister-head screw M5X10-8.8-ZNNIV 4 7119904303
18. Housing   1 51252308125
19. Spoke   1 51252308122
20. Self-locking hex nut M4 1 7129922452
20. Hex nut M4-A2-70 1 7129906098
24. Fillister head with washer M6X16-Z1-8.8-ZN 2 7119920067
24. Fillister head with washer M6X16-Z1-8.8 2 7119902316
25. Catch bracket   1 52532308366
26. Cage nut M6 2 7129926512
27. Holder   2 51252309417


Here's a picture of the low seat mounting hardware and lock:

The two hooks attach to the tail cowl and the rest of the hardware attaches to the frame below the front of the seat.


And, aside from the low seat itself, you'll also need the locking loop that attaches to the underside of the seat:

2019 Drake Smith - Please do not use or reproduce this elsewhere.  Feel free to link to it though.