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Replace K Bike Digital Clock

Since the K bike digital LCD clock in the instrument cluster is a separate modular part, it is fairly easy to replace this should your original clock go bad.

  1. Remove the instrument cluster from the bike.  It is held onto its bracket with 4 5mm Allen head machine screws or 4 10mm hex head bolts.  For early bikes, the wiring harness connector is held onto the cluster by a Phillips screw in the center of the connector. On later bikes, it is held on by a 3mm Allen head machine screw built into the connector.

  2. Place the instrument cluster face down on a towel on a table.  Remove the nine Phillips screws (seven for 85 and earlier bikes) around the perimeter of the instrument cluster backplate.  Remove the backplate.

  3. Once the back is off, remove the six Phillips screws the hold the cluster "guts" in the housing - one on each side and four at the bottom center.

  1. Turn the instrument cluster over and, while pulling the trip odometer knob out until it stops, carefully shake the "guts" out of the instrument cluster.

  2. While bending both left and right faceplates back slightly, use a small screwdriver or whatever to slide up the black "frame" around the clock. (10 in the diagram below)

  1. Each corner of the clock has a small barbed tang that holds that corner down.  Carefully push each of those to the outside and you can then remove the clock.

  2. Installation is the reverse of the above.

  3. Once the instrument cluster is reinstalled and the clock is powered up again, it can be reset using the two small indented rubber buttons right above the clock.

Clock tip for US riders:  The K bike LCD clock is a 24 hour clock.  If most of your riding will be done after noon and you prefer a 12 hour clock then you can set the clock to be 12 hours off so it reads like a 12 hour clock later in the day.

2013 Drake Smith - Please do not use or reproduce this elsewhere.  Feel free to link to it though.