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K Bike General Maintenance Items

Disclaimer: These are the products and service intervals that I use on my K bikes and am comfortable with. I make no claim that this list is the be-all and end-all for K bike maintenance.

For a printable one page PDF of the table below click here.


Applies To


Service Interval


Motor Oil

All Ks

Mobil 1 15W-50 Synthetic

10,000 Miles

16,000 km


Since K bikes have a dry clutch, you do not need to use special motorcycle engine oil. Car oil is fine.


Shell Rotella Synthetic 5W-40

10,000 Miles

16,000 km

Castrol GTX 20W-50

6,000 Miles

10,000 km

Oil Filter

All Ks

Bosch 72161

When oil is changed

If there is a sticker on it then be sure to remove that prior to installation.

Transmission Gear Oil

All Ks

Mobil 1 Syn Gear Lube LS 75W-140

20,000 Miles

32,000 km

Though BMW recommends 75W-90, 75W-140 tends to make K bike transmissions a bit less "clunky" when shifting.

Final Drive Gear Oil

All Ks

Mobil 1 Syn Gear Lube LS 75W-90 (or 75W-140)

20,000 Miles

32,000 km


Moly Gear Oil Additive

All Ks

Guard Dog GD-421 Moly Additive

When transmission or final drive gear oil is changed

Moly additive helps reduce friction and wear. It takes several hundred miles for it to "wear in" but in a K bike transmission you will notice smoother shifting using GD-421.

Transmission: 3.6 fl.oz. (106 CC)

Final Drive: 1.1 fl. oz. (32 CC)

Fuel Filter

All Ks

NAPA Gold 3032

20,000 Miles

32,000 km

Remove the front hose clamp first and then you can do the rest outside of the tank.

Air Filter

All Ks

BMW Part 13721460337

(Mahle LX75)

40-50,000 Miles

65-80,000 km

BMW recommends 24,000 miles but K air filters are very oversized so changing the air filter on a longer interval is OK.

Fork Oil

All Ks

Honda SS-8

20,000 Miles

32,000 km

Do not over-tighten drain screws when reinstalling. The threads strip easily if you're not careful.

Spline Grease

All Ks

Guard Dog GD-525 Moly Grease

40,000 Miles

For K75s & K100s, it's a good idea to lube the final drive splines every time you install a new rear tire.

Radiator Coolant

All Ks


(that is suitable for use with aluminum engine parts - most are these days)

Every two years

Pre-mixed 50/50 is OK but 60/40 water/coolant has better hear transfer. Be sure to use only distilled water in the cooling system.

Brake Fluid

All Ks


At least every two years although annually is preferable

Use only DOT 4 brake fluid.

Brake Pads


Rear for 4V K bikes


Minimum pad thickness:


1.5 mm


Front for 4V K bikes

EBC FF-407


Disc Brake Quiet

All Ks

Permatex 80077

When brake pads are replaced or your brakes start squealing

Helps reduce disc brake squeal.

Silicone Spray

94-95 K75RT



3M Silicone Spray

20,000 Miles

32,000 km

For the chrome rods the windscreen bracket slides on. Silicone attracts less dust than other lubricants.

Heat Sink Compound



Early K1100

Radio Shack Silicone Base Heat Sink Compound

40,000 Miles

65,000 km

Goes behind the ignition amp on the lower front left corner of the battery tray. Clean the old stuff off first.

More information on K bike maintenance can be found at this link.


2013 Drake Smith - Please do not use or reproduce this elsewhere.  Feel free to link to it though.