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Buy Parts From BMW Dealers (USA)

Both A&S Motorcycles (California) and  MAX BMW (New England) are licensed BMW dealers who sell BMW parts with no tax and free shipping.

MAX BMW usually has up to date info on parts availability. If the price for a part shows as NA then that means that the part is Not Available.

Euro Motoelectrics (Denver): EME is a good third party seller of K parts. They have better than dealer prices on some parts.

Foreign OEM & Other Parts:

Motobins (UK): Motobins has good prices on lots of OEM parts and is a good resource for stainless steel brake lines. US shoppers pay no VAT(tax). As long as your order does not weight too much it ships via Royal Mail/USPS which is reasonably priced and usually gets to US addresses in about a week.

Tills.de (Germany)

K Parts Holland


Finding Part Numbers:

I find it easiest to look up parts numbers at RealOEM.com using the last seven digits of the VIN and then check A&S and MAX for current pricing. (The prices shown at RealOEM are very out of date.)

A&S and MAX usually ship the next day but if a part needs to come from Germany then it may take 2-3 weeks to get a part.


Hardware (Nuts & Bolts):

For most of the hardware a size will be listed in the parts fiche:

4 Nut, self-locking M6
10 Countersunk head screw M6X20
11 Fillister-head screw M5X20
13 Countersunk head screw M5X45
14 Countersunk head screw M5X55

M5x45 is a fastener that has 5mm diameter threads and is 45mm long.

You can use this information to buy nuts, bolts or washers in the correct size at a local hardware store.

For bolts that need to be a certain strength for safety reasons (like engine, transmission or brake mounting bolts) the parts fiche will usually specify that. For example, engine mounting bolts need to be Grade 8.8 steel.

1 Fillister-head screw M10X60-8.8

Hardware Names:

  Fiche Name Common Name

Fillister-head Socket cap head

Countersunk head Flat head

Hex bolt Hex bolt

Nut, self-locking Locknut

Nylock nut


2023 Drake Smith - Please do not use or reproduce this elsewhere.  Feel free to link to it though.