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AM/FM Cassette Deck Anti-theft Code

Anti-theft code:

If the bike's battery is disconnected or the radio is removed then the radio will require a four digit anti-theft security code to be input before it will work again. If you have the documentation that came with the bike from the dealer and you're lucky you might find the radio code on a card that came with the bike.

Sometimes when you remove the radio you'll find that a prior owner has written the radio code on the side of the radio with a Sharpie pen.

Try this first:

The default security code is 1234.  If you're lucky that might work.

Entering the anti-theft code:

  1. Turn on the ignition

  2. Turn on the radio

  3. Enter the four digit code using the station preset buttons

If you make a mistake entering the code then press and hold the BAND button until the code disappears.  Then you can try again.

Radio removal:

To remove the radio with it's faceplate you need to stick something (for example nails or wooden skewers) into the three holes in the faceplate and pop the clips that hold it into the storage compartment.  Here's an example:

Here's what the clips look like:

WARNING: Don't disconnect the radio or disconnect the battery unless you have the security code or plan to get it.  Once the power is removed from the radio you will need the four digit security code to make the head unit operational again.

Once you have the head unit and faceplate removed you can pull the head unit out of the face plate using a standard DIN head unit extraction tool like this BMW one:

Insert the tool into the holes at the four corners of the head unit to slide it out of the DIN mounting:

If you don't have the extraction tool handy then you just need to depress the two clips on each side of the head unit to get it to slide out:

Remove these six Phillips screws to take the back plate off of the radio:

Jumpers for the security code:

There are two more or less identical models of the radio: PU-9203A and PU-9204A. The circuit boards are slightly different but both have a set of ten jumpers on them.

PU-9203A jumpers:

PU-9204A jumpers:

Resetting the security code:

In order to reset the security code to 1111 all you need to do is make all ten jumpers open circuits by desoldering them. Disclaimer: I have never done this myself so I don't personally guarantee that his approach works but I've seen several references to it in various places on The Internet so I'm pretty sure that it works.

Determining the security code:

Call a BMW dealer with your bike's VIN and they may be able to tell you the security code.  Not sure if they'll still do this but it's worth a phone call to try it.

If you're not comfortable desoldering then there's a company in the UK that can provide you with the code for 10.  You'll need to provide them with info about which jumpers are open/closed on your circuit board.  (I've used their services several times in the past and the code they sent me worked.) When you get the code it's a good idea to write it on the head unit with a Sharpie pen so that it never gets lost in the future.

Here's a link to their web site:


Radio user manual:

Here's a link to a scanned PDF file of the radio manual:

BMW AM/FM Cassette Manual.pdf


2019 Drake Smith - Please do not use or reproduce this elsewhere.  Feel free to link to it though.