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Left Combination Switch with Windscreen Switch

This is very handy if you want to add switches but have run out of empty slots for the OEM dash switches.  It can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Upgrade from dash switch control of your electric windscreen to this switch.

  • Add a couple of momentary switches to:

    • Move your ABS switch function and free up room for another OEM switch.

    • Add-on horn like a Stebel.

    • Garage door opener.

    • If you need something to stay on then you could have this control a latching relay.

    • Install cruise control and have this switch operate the cruise control functions:

The normal switch functions will hook right up for a K1, K100RS4V or K1100. Then the separate white three wire connector is for the windscreen switch. 

If you have a K75 or 2 valve K100 then you'll need graft it to the wiring harness connector for your old switch but that is simple since the wiring colors are the same. Here's an example of a windscreen combo switch that I grafted to a K75/K100 wiring harness connector.

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